Bureau logotype



Desura wanted to revolutionise the game modification industry and Bureau was asked to create a brand, desktop and web application that helped gamers install and update add-ons for games effortlessly.

Desura logotype

After engaging in numerous discussions with the founder about his vision for the platform and came to the realisation Desura would be best positioned to aim for the bleeding-edge tech enthusiast gamers.

Bureau crafted a futuristic custom logotype aligned with the founder’s vision of the platform being a part of the future of gaming. A hint of agression and the monospaced type affords the ability to stand out when used in applications alongside video game artwork.

Desura home

One challenging aspect saw designs constrained rigidly to the layout of the ModDB website which has become in recent years, viusually dated.

After designing multiple options, the team landed on a direction that suited the layout of existing sites and would compliment the desktop application too.

Desura game profile

For use across the site and desktop app we devised a unique iconographic style that lended itself to the aggressive and utilitarian futurism of the logotype.

Desura forum

The desktop application was the focal point of the product and key to the success of Desura’s offering. We wanted an experience familiar to gamers using similar software but one that wasn’t afraid to improve in the areas its competitors lacked.

4 years after launch, Desura was aquired by LindenLab.