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Moneybox are on a mission to make investing as simple and accessible as possible. They wanted a product that made saving money easy and formed good financial habits all while empowering people to start investing with no prior knowledge of investing or investment products.

Account creation screen
Investment product selection screen
Initial deposit screen

From conception to post-launch, we worked with users throughout the design process to validate designs and new features using user-testing.

We believe listening to the users intently resulted in a highly rated application and the continued engagement of the users still shapes the application today.

Moneybox savings screen
Moneybox rewards screen
Moneybox account screen

Post-launch we relied on A/B testing and analysis of customer feedback to improve metrics and features of the app.

Minor changes to the registration flow process resulted in large increases to user’s weekly investments and increased conversions.

We understood as a new financial institution we had to also illicit trust in a market Moneybox were unknown. In response to this we created a simple style that adhered to the platform guidelines for both Android and iOS, was professional and trustworthy, but yet retained the style and fund that made Moneybox unique.

We worked closely with the developers to ensure designs were implemented to exacting standards.

Moneybox Android savings screen

We also took the liberty to reinvent aspects of financial products which have not evolved to suit the mobile use case. Existing investment companies show use a line graph to convey investments perform over time.

We found this lazy, unimaginative and too complex for mobile devices.

Code for Time Machine in Xcode

As an alternative, we prototyped and developed a screen which simply displayed the total value and return of investments after 10 years while allowing users to increase their contributions little more and visualise the effect it would have. We used micro-interactions to elicit positive emotional responses to contribution increases and to represent reaching their goals faster. This framed investments and expectations for the long term while elegantly demonstrating how a small difference can have a great impact.

Moneybox Time Machine feature

3 years after launch, Moneybox continues to grow strong with over 200,000 users who have invested millions through their a highly rated application. They now have their sights set on offering more products to cater to even more people.